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Super Air Nautique G23

To be a true icon, you need to respect all others that came before you. To be a true innovator, you need to see and understand the space that others don’t. Recognized as the boat that leads the industry in terms of wake and surf wave performance, the G23 stands alone as the number one choice for riders around the world.

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Building upon the dynasty that Nautique created almost a decade ago when the G23 was first introduced, the all-new G23 is set to reinforce its reign as the best wakesurf and wakeboard boat ever created. Our engineers have taken developmental leaps with the wake and wave shaping capabilities in order to produce this marvel of design and performance. With breathtaking looks and refined amenities, this next-generation G23 looks stunning on the water while delivering the best wakesurf wave and wakeboard wakes the world has ever seen. The reinvented G23 is ready to alter the course of wake boats once again.

The exterior of the re-designed G23 takes on a breathtaking new form. With faceted hull sides, modern aesthetics and a striking appearance, the G23 leaves a mark with all those that witness it. Sleek, aggressive lines make up the hull sides, while the rear transom area is built for comfort and functionality. Everything you need before you take your next set, or the amenities just for lounging are well within reach.

Immerse yourself in the luxury that’s found at every turn inside the all-new G23. An extremely well-thought out helm design gives the driver the ultimate control of the day with everything they need easily within reach. Amenities can be found throughout the entire lounge, that can also be easily converted from a wrap-around social atmosphere to the best place to watch all the action behind the boat with the flip-up and reversible seating options.

Delivering on the performance reputation that the G23 was built on, the all-new G23 hangs its hat on being the best wakeboard and wakesurf boat on the market. A surf wave that can be shaped and scaled based on the preferences of the surfer, the G23 has the ability to provide the perfect endless wave for whatever you desire. Built on the framework and knowledge of award-winning predecessor, the wakeboard wakes on this all-new iteration deliver world-class performance that is unmatched.


LENGTH OVERALL: 23’ / 7.01 m
LENGTH W PLATFORM: 25’ 2” / 7.65 m
LIFTING RINGS SPACING: 21’ 6” / 6.55 m
BEAM: 102” / 2.59 m
DRAFT: 31” / 0..79 m
APPROX. DRY WEIGHT*: 6,000 lbs / 2,722 kg
FUEL CAPACITY: 65.6 Gallons / 246.2 l
MAX. CAPACITY: 16 People / 2,500 lbs / 1,134 kg
HP RANGE: 8LV – 370 / ZZ6 – 450 HP / ZR7 – 475 HP / ZZ8 – 600 HP
GEAR REDUCTION RATIO: 2.0:1  | 1.45:1 (8LV + ZZ8)
TORQUE: 595 Ft-Lb / 465 Ft-Lb / 500 Ft-Lb / 608 Ft-Lb
FACTORY BALLAST CAPACITY: 2,850 lbs / 1,293 kg

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