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Super Air Nautique G25

The Super Air Nautique G25 is for those that believe there is no such thing as too much of a great thing.

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Optimized for large crews that desire unwavering performance, the Super Air Nautique G25 is the largest offering in the Nautique line up. With room for up to 19 people, the G25 has a ton of space for family, friends and gear and also produces some of the best wakesurf waves and wakeboard wakes in the industry. Add that to the host of amenities, high-end touches and a striking aesthetic and the G25 overdelivers on what a wake boat can provide. With new tower options for 2022, the G25 is ready to stand out on the water wherever you take it.

The stunning hull design of the G25 takes cues from the signature Nautique appearance. With faceted hull sides and sharp lines, the G25 brings together classic styling with a modern, sleek look. Get behind the wheel of the G25 and you’ll command attention wherever you go.

Step into the lap of luxury when you get onboard the Super Air Nautique G25. With quality always top priority, the interior of the G25 was created with function and form coming together to provide you with incomparable comfort and amenities. The driver’s helm has everything you need within arm’s reach, and the lounge is as versatile as the summer days are long.


The performance characteristics of the Super Air Nautique G25 leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to major breakthroughs in hull design, the G25 provides perfectly- shaped wakesurf waves, and versatile and scalable wakeboard wakes that make this the perfect boat for the wake-centric family. Add that to the ease-of-use you get out of the driving experience in the G25, and this boat is the ultimate compliment to summer.


LENGTH OVERALL: 25’ / 7.62 m
LENGTH W PLATFORM: 27’ 3” / 8.3 m
BEAM: 102” / 2.59 m
DRAFT: 31” / 0.79 m
APPROX. DRY WEIGHT*: 6,400 lbs / 2,903 kg
FUEL CAPACITY: 88 Gallons / 333.1l
MAX. CAPACITY: 19 People / 2,800 lbs / 1,270 kg
HP RANGE: 8LV – 370 / ZZ6 – 450 HP / ZR7 – 475 HP / ZZ8 – 600 HP
GEAR REDUCTION RATIO: 2.0:1  | 1.48:1 (8LV + ZZ8)
TORQUE: 595 Ft-Lb / 465 Ft-Lb / 500 Ft-Lb / 608 Ft-Lb
FACTORY BALLAST CAPACITY: 2,850 lbs / 1,293 kg

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